The Value of Friends

Wonderful insights on friendship : Enjoy! BLESSINGS. 


BSome friends are with us a long time Others are part of our lives but a short time Passing through leaving an indelible mark upon us Cherish your friends and hold them close We never know when a fr…

Source: The Value of Friends


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  1. Thank you Cristina for sharing Greg’s message in verse about Friendship which is very important in our lives, We remember that our closest friends today were once Strangers before they walked into our Heart.

    I have a link for you Cristina, it’s my way of Thanking you for your Blogging friendship,

    Friendship –

    May you be greatly blessed in your friendships Cristina just as you bless others with your Loving and Kind Heart – Anne

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    1. Cristina says:

      Thank you so much Anne, I appreciate your friendship and the link you sent. Blessings dear friend. Praying that you are recovering fast and feeling better from your traumatic experiences.
      Love and Blessings

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