Without a Word…

quotesy20170221-100343Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives,  when they see your respectful and pure conduct.  Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear—1 Peter3:1-3, ESV

I would like to share about someone very close to my heart,” My husband”.  He is one like the Apostle Peter describes  “if some do not obey the word”, in other words a non-believer.

Like any wife that loves her husband  dearly I wanted to desperately see him saved. So, of course, I used to bombard him with hell, judgement, the reason why God became man in Jesus Christ and died on the cross, I used to tell him about false religions( specially Roman Catholic, as he was brought up as one) and lots of Bible prophecy!!! (my passion).  I would  leave the odd Bible tract around and create situations where he would have to watch a Christian video about sin and salvation and who can forget the Christian Calendar at the beginning of each year?( a  witnessing favourite of mine for him)  Another tactic was telling him that one day he may not find me because Jesus is coming to take His church and he would be left behind.

There were times when he would walk through the front door, finally at home from a busy day at work,  and the first thing he would say to me:” I don’t want to hear any preaching today”.   I wasn’t preaching, I thought, I am telling you the truth. Heaven or hell buddy? thank goodness I never articulated my thoughts, our God is merciful even when we are being foolish, like me.

One day not so long ago, a good friend and sister in the Lord pointed me to the above Scripture. ugh!!   I thought I was doing so well  but  I was going about the whole thing the wrong way. Oh Yes,  my intentions were good but I was not doing it God’s way.

What was God directing me to do:

“Be subject to my own husband“,   and NO TALK, NOT A WORD so that my husband may be won by my pure conduct and respect.

The first few days I found it very hard, without a word really Lord?  how can I keep silent Lord? this is me Lord remember? I like to talk..

On the Sunday that followed there I was  in church listening to my pastor preach about “wives submit to your husbands” and he mentioned how to hold our lips with our fingers when we felt that words were about to come out of our mouth to preach to our unsaved husbands. Was God talking to me??  once again I felt convicted. I asked the Lord to forgive me and that from now on I would do it His way with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Everyday I pray for my husband’s salvation trusting God that He will have mercy and bring him to the knowledge of the truth.

I am walking in the power of the Holy Spirit learning as I go day by day and when my mouth is tempted to witness to my husband I see my hand hold my lips together as I whisper “without a word”.



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  1. Hope says:

    …and not only husbands. I’ve hounded others at times also. It doesn’t work.


  2. There is a time for everything Christiana especially sharing our Faith but as you shared about your Husband it’s not always our words that will make an impact. But our Loving words and actions will reflect what we believe, when we Respect our Husbands in our heart as people of worth we will show it in both our words and actions and they will respond if their hearts are open but it may be when we least expect it or even on their deathbeds.

    God’s Truth is very powerful and does not return to Him void, with my being an Anointed Evangelist and also standing against the Evil that is propagated in this World as God asks us to do, I have had the Joy of seeing some of my Friends and Family saved but mostly before I leave home I ask God if there is anyone who needs to know He Loves them today, if so can a Conversation start so I can share with them that He does Love and value them and yes it often happens and they Thank me, only a few were upset and argumentative but I sensed their fear so I let them talk and prayed as they did.

    We may never see Eternal results on earth but we can be sure God knows what is needed to reach His Children and His seeds planted will bear good fruit, yes He sends others to water them too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    1. Cristina says:

      Thank you for commenting Anne. Blessings


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